Staff-Miami Beach


David Uribe was born in Bogota, Colombia and at the age of seven, he and his family had the opportunity to move to the US. By the age of twelve he would observe a childhood friend cutting hair at his house and developed the same interest he had in this line of work; this was the seed, which would later grow to become his passion. Using a regular hair-cutting machine that his mother used to cut his hair, he began practicing on his younger brother, family members and neighbors. Thanks to them, much of his first techniques were sharpened. He continued cutting hair throughout middle school and high school and during his senior year, a barbershop owner gave him the opportunity to work for him; it was then that he began to master all types of hair length and textures.

Eventually he obtained his Barber and Cosmetology license at Beauty Schools of America in addition to the ITEC certification that allows him to cut hair in 39 countries. He has been featured on the Miami Herald, NBC 6 and Telemundo 51 to name a few on top of winning several hair competitions and receiving numerous awards. Former Regional Director for the Barber Program at the same beauty school he once attended as a student managing more than 350 students throughout 5 campuses and is now the owner of Prestigious Image Barbershop and Spa in Coral Gables, FL, which is an upscale establishment for the modern gentleman. He acknowledges that he could not have walked this road without God and that all his opportunities, talents and courage come directly from Him.


Jesse is a Master barber and has been cutting hair for 45 years! Talk about experience and he is still going. He has worked in different barbershops and salons throughout Miami and knows a thing or two on how to cut and style hair. While in school to obtain his license, his instructors saw that he had a special skill and wanted to hire him right away because they saw great potential in him. He learned how to service women as well as men and has thorough knowledge in both areas. 

Jesse decided to focus on cutting and styling men's hair for the last 11 years and has been featured on magazine like: Ocean Drive, Details and the Miami Herald for his Skills. Some of his high end clientele include: Erik Spoelstra (Miami Heat Head coach), House DJ Cedric Gervais and football players like Jeremy Shockey to name a few. His passion for the industry is unmatched and he still attends trade shows and remains very active with continuing education; you can expect great services from this professional barber, you may even laugh at his great personality.


Julian was born in Bogota, Colombia and from an early age he saw numerous family members cut and style hair. Because of that, he decided to enroll in a beauty school and began to learn the tricks of the trade. Shortly after graduating, he moved to the United States and it was there where his uncle gave him the opportunity to work at the family barbershop sweeping and helping out cleaning and organizing. After a few short months of observing the way the barbers used the machines and the scissors, his uncle told him it was time for him to fill one of the empty stations and begin making money as an apprentice barber. 

Because of that opportunity Julian felt obligated to perfect his skills and offer his clients the best customer experience possible. After a few years, Julian opened and managed his own barbershop and it was there where he learned how to properly run a barbershop. Since then, he has moved to sunny South Florida where he works at Prestigious Image Barbershop offering his services to a high end clientele. Currently he is learning more and more in order to excel and become one of the top barbers in the industry.


Miguel Valdes was born in Havana, Cuba and at the age of 22 him and his family moved to the United States to pursue the American Dream. From a young age living in Cuba he had a passion for cutting hair while seeing his father work as a barber. Upon arriving to the US he wanted to achieve his dream of becoming a professional, licensed barber and that is why he enrolled as a student at Beauty Schools of America to learn how to cut, shave and style men's hair. His experience as a student shaped and molded his views as his instructor taught him discipline and effort without cutting corners.

He now works at Prestigious Image Barbershop offering his services to the Miami Beach locals and tourist. He desires to learn every day more and more to offer a better customer experience through his services. He is very involved and is constantly going to hair shows to learn about the new products, tools and ways to perform new services or haircuts to his client and stay in style with the current trends. Be sure to check out!