Staff- Coral Gables


David Uribe was born in Bogota, Colombia and at the age of seven, he and his family had the opportunity to move to the US. By the age of twelve he would observe a childhood friend cutting hair at his house and developed the same interest he had in this line of work; this was the seed, which would later grow to become his passion. Using a regular hair-cutting machine that his mother used to cut his hair, he began practicing on his younger brother, family members and neighbors. Thanks to them, much of his first techniques were sharpened. He continued cutting hair throughout middle school and high school and during his senior year, a barbershop owner gave him the opportunity to work for him; it was then that he began to master all types of hair length and textures.

Eventually he obtained his Barber and Cosmetology license at Beauty Schools of America in addition to the ITEC certification that allows him to cut hair in 39 countries. He has been featured on the Miami Herald, NBC 6 and Telemundo 51 to name a few on top of winning several hair competitions and receiving numerous awards. Former Regional Director for the Barber Program at the same beauty school he once attended as a student managing more than 350 students throughout 5 campuses and is now the owner of Prestigious Image Barbershop and Spa in Coral Gables, FL, which is an upscale establishment for the modern gentleman. He acknowledges that he could not have walked this road without God and that all his opportunities, talents and courage come directly from Him.


Nicholas Elias was born in Miami, Florida, and grew up in Puerto Rico. As a youngster, he enjoyed going to the barbershop, it was there were he gained an attraction for the art of barbering. He moved back to Miami at the age of 10, and years later when he was in High school, he began cutting his own hair since his father couldn't afford paying for a haircut on a bi-weekly basis. As a result, he started cutting up his friends, neighbors and his managers for free. Barbering had become a hobby for him, but he soon thought that it would be wiser to turn this hobby into a career. Upon graduation, he enrolled at a barber school in hope to follow the steps of a specific barber who he admired throughout the years, David Uribe.

When he found out that David was teaching at the same school where he had enrolled-Beauty Schools of America- he thought that this was his chance to learn from one of the best and did not hesitate to start school right away.Nick realizes that through David he learned professionalism, a unique trait that later would set him apart from the rest. He partook of many events at BSA where he was a judge for a barber battle and a speaker on a T.V. segment in channel  6-NBC. After graduating he started working in a unisex salon where he learned plenty and perfected his skills. Shortly after, he was offered an opportunity to work with his mentor. He is proud to say that like the other barbers, nothing would have been possible if it wasn't for God.


Yamel Ojeda is a licensed professional barber; she has been working in the field for more than seven years. However, her journey began by seeing her mother cut her brothers hair given that they had just migrated from Cuba and the need was present. Later on, her desire to grow and learn more about the art led her to enroll in barber school where she not only obtained her barbers license but her ITEC certification that enables her to practice her craft in more than 40 countries. 

Because of her consistent effort she landed a job in a barbershop working alongside 14 male barbers. She states "it is not easy working in an industry that is dominated by men but [she] wants to stand out because women can perform just as good if not better!" She has matured in the industry and is now working at Prestigious Image Barbershop ad Spa where her vision to cater to the upscale business gentleman has been fulfilled; she performs services for those that pay close attention to details like hot towel/ hot lather shaves, regular to modern hairstyles and more.


Sami was born in Havana, Cuban and began cutting hair when he was a child.

Around the age of eight, his father introduced him to the local barbershop and it was at that point that Sami fell in love with the ambiance and decided that this was the route for him to take as an adult. Because he was eager to mimic everything that he would see at the barbershop, Sami would invite his friends over after school and eventually cut an average of 5 to 7 fellow classmates per day. Because of all of the practice he obtained, he began to master his craft and upon high school graduation, Sami decide to move to the US and enroll at Beauty Schools of America where he obtained his barbers license. Currently you can find Sami working at Prestigious Image Barbershop and Spa located in Coral Gables, FL.